North Yorkshire’s Tiger King! Colourful carnivore sees artist Ryan up for top prize

5 Feb 2021 @ 1.13 pm
| Entertainment

North Yorkshire artist Ryan Swain has had a piece of his artwork entered into the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2021 in London. 

The piece featured in the competition is called Carnivore Of Colours, and was produced by Ryan in the first lockdown of the pandemic.

The acrylic painting started life as a detailed pencil and charcoal sketch of a tiger’s head on canvas.

Since going into the first lockdown last March Ryan has created more than 50 different works of art for people across the UK.

He is now working in an array of styles, including contemporary, shock art and sculpture for an exhibition he is planning when things resume back to normal again. 

Malton-based Ryan, who is also a broadcaster and presenter on YorkMix Radio, said: “To have my work entered in such a prestigious event means the word to me.

“I have always had a keen passion and interest in all styles of art and have recently rekindled my passion for it.

“I feel like you can get lost in the contrast of alluring colours used in this piece but you are in the eye of the tiger and you are its prey.

“The painting is a resemblance of what happens in the wild, the colours resemble the smoke screen of beauty and grace the creature creates which puts its prey in a trance and hidden behind it is great danger.”

The Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2021 will be awarded to artists that show significant potential, interesting ideas, a relevant message and skilful execution.

There are £10,000 worth of prizes and also exhibitions for the winners.