North Yorkshire police fitness test ‘fail’ prompts lively rebuttal

Assistant Chief Constable Paul Kennedy
15 Aug 2014 @ 10.33 am
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Assistant Chief Constable Paul Kennedy: officers supported with fitness

The first results of the new police fitness tests have been revealed (Friday, August 15) – and North Yorkshire police were quick off the mark to refute figures which portrayed them as Britain’s most unfit force.

Figures from the College Of Policing showed the results from 32 forces who mostly carried out the tests between March and May this year.

Male officers achieved an average pass rate of 99 per cent (10,265 attended the test and 10,127 passed).

Female officers achieved an average pass rate of 94 per cent (3,693 attended the test and 3,479 passed).

But the table also showed the overall pass rate among North Yorkshire police of only 83.8 per cent, plunging them to the bottom of the fitness league.

This came from a male officer pass rate of 97.9 per cent and a female officer pass rate of just 59.3 per cent.

‘Small snapshot’

But that does not reflect the current fitness levels of North Yorkshire Police officers, the force said – a rebuttal that was even mentioned during an interview on BBC Radio Four’s flagship news programme Today.

“The actual pass rate for North Yorkshire Police officers who have taken the fitness test is 94.6 per cent. With 1,153 officers passing the test out of 1,219 who have taken it so far,” said Assistant Chief Constable Paul Kennedy.

“The results issued by the college today are taken from a small snapshot in time and include the results of only 74 tests.

“Fitness tests were introduced voluntarily in North Yorkshire ahead of the national recommendations coming into force in September 2014.

“Support, advice and encouragement will be provided to any officers who are struggling to reach the required fitness level.

“Health and fitness is important for everyone’s wellbeing, regardless of the their role and North Yorkshire Police encourages and supports all officers and staff who wish to improve their fitness.”