‘No boob or sock money!’ York pub slaps ban on sweaty cash

You can keep your money…
27 Jun 2018 @ 7.30 pm
| News

The heatwave may be putting a smile on many faces in York – but it is having some unintended consequences.

And here’s one problem we hadn’t expected. Sweaty money.

Think of all those shop and bar workers who are proffered notes straight from a damp trouser pocket. Or worse.

One York pub has had enough. It has posted this picture on its Facebook page:

It’s not the Mount’s own photo or sign – we think it’s from the States – but the message is one that clearly the staff feel very strongly about judging by their use of these emojis – ????!

Here’s what it says:

Due to rising temperatures, we WILL NOT be accepting boob or sock money. Questionably moist bills are subject to denial.

We’re sorry but it’s gross.

The Mount Pub, on the Mount in York. Photograph © Google Street View
So next time you’re in the Mount, remember to keep your notes crisp and dry in a wallet or purse.

No one wants to handle your questionably moist cash.