Next dose of consultation for Health and Wellbeing Strategy

19 Dec 2012 @ 4.46 pm
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York’s Health and Wellbeing Board has begun a new level of consultation on the Health and Wellbeing Strategy it is developing with partners in the city.

We are inviting people who use health and wellbeing services, community groups and representatives, staff and partner organisations to comment on the draft Health and Wellbeing Strategy to ensure that, it reflects people’s views and suggestions and that it includes the principles and actions that are most important to improving health and wellbeing the city ofr the next three years.

The draft Health and Wellbeing strategy is focused around five priorities:

1. Making York a great place for older people to live

2. Reducing health inequalities

3. Improving mental health and intervening early

4. Enabling all children and young people to have the best start in life

5. Creating a financially sustainable local health and wellbeing system.

The draft Health and Wellbeing strategy draws on extensive consultation with stakeholders over the summer and a variety of evidence including the city’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment 2012 (JSNA). The JSNA provides a comprehensive assessment of the health and wellbeing needs in the city. Through its five priorities, the strategy will seek to address the following four key issues: :

• Our population is ageing and will place increasing demands on health and social care services

• Health and wellbeing inequalities exist in the city and must be tackled

• We need to know more about the mental health needs of our population

• We must intervene early and give children and young people the best possible start in life.

Councillor Tracey Simpson-Laing, Cabinet Member for Health, Housing and Adult Social Services said: “It is important that we get the support and commitment of our stakeholders so we know the strategy will be used in practice, that it will be delivered and that it will make a positive difference to health and wellbeing provision and services in York and to the council’s priorities of Building Strong Communities and Protecting Vulnerable People.

“It’s crucial that we engage with local people when funding for council and health services is being cut at a time of increasing need amongst people with more complex needs.”

On Friday 18 January, City of York Council will host a Health and Wellbeing Stakeholder Event which will provide further information about York’s Health and Wellbeing Board and the draft Health and Wellbeing Strategy. To find out more about this event and took a place please contact 01904 553017 or email [email protected]

To find out more about York’s Health and Wellbeing Board, or review and comment on the draft Health and Wellbeing Strategy visit the website.

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