New York hotel causing ‘absolute chaos’ and is in breach of planning rules, say residents

14 Aug 2019 @ 7.57 am
| Environment

Noisy deliveries in the early hours, dangerous traffic and a half-built walkway – three key reasons why a new York hotel has not been welcomed by its neighbours.

People living near the new Moxy Hotel say it is in breach of several planning regulations – and that pedestrians are being put in danger.

A notice has gone up close to the Hungate hotel asking neighbours:

  • have you been disturbed by the 5am refuse and delivery trucks visiting the Moxy Hotel?
  • have you had a near miss by one of the hotel’s delivery vehicels reversing along Dundas Street or the temporary road?
  • have you become frustrated at how long it is taking to reopen Black Horse Lane and the pedestrian/cycle way between Hiscox and the hotel?

The walkway is still sealed off. Photographs: Richard McDougall
The unfinished road. Photograph: Matt Freckelton

It also says residents are being held up by lost guests driving round the area looking for the hotel and hotel parking.

And a new line of bins in front of the smart flats has been described as a smelly mess.

Pretty dangerous

The Hungate bin train
Many Hungate residents have taken to Facebook to voice their concerns.

One described the “absolute chaos that I’ve just seen with a Moxy laundry truck outside the car park entrance. It was really lucky that there wasn’t an accident!”

Another wrote:

  • Also pretty dangerous for pedestrians now with the hotel there. I’ve lost count of how many times hotel guests in cars or taxis have almost run me over when lost looking for the entrance to the hotel round the back of it.

    They come swinging into the little roads not knowing them at speed, then try turn around not realising there’s a car park as well as pedestrians around.

Several have reported early morning noise, including a rubbish truck at 4.50am and another recycling bottles at 5.30am.

Planning breaches

The Moxy Hotel in York
Residents believe that Moxy Hotels, owned by the Marriott Group, is in breach of at least two of its planning conditions:

  1. highway works: that the development won’t be occupied until the highway has been reinstated and all vehicle crossings removed
  2. deliveries: the hours of delivery should be confined to Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays 9am-6pm.

One resident said: “The council has admitted that the hotel should never have been allowed to open until the highway works were finished but now just say that they’re working with Simpson’s to get it open ASAP.

“Given that there’s been no work on the site for 2 weeks now that doesn’t seem to be the case.”

Mike Slater, assistant director of planning and sustainable development at City of York Council, said: “Whilst we are aware that there are some issues with the development, we are working with the developers to resolve them and because of this formal action would not be appropriate.”

Moxy Hotel response

A spokesman for Belvar, the operating company of Moxy Hotels in York, told YorkMix:

We have checked with our landlord and our hotel, and both sections are cleared:

  • Section 13 refers to vehicular crossings that are to be removed and made good (where the old site access was off Black Horse Lane and on to the site): This work involved removing the old drop kerbs and reinstating new road kerbs etc. This work was complete prior to the Hotel opening and monitored by City of York Council Highway department
  • Section 18 refers to deliveries: Our landlord assured us that Moxy York has all deliveries for the construction work in the period 08:00 – 18:00 Monday to Friday, and from 09:00 – 18:00 in weekends and bank holidays. Operationally our hotel manager is currently monitoring all deliveries and waste collection to assure it comes within correct time periods in order to avoid any inconvenience for our neighbours.