New website celebrates York’s ongoing European links

2 Feb 2021 @ 2.00 pm
| Opinion

Brexit has been difficult for nearly all of us in York. 

It is fair to say that, regardless of how they voted, folk in York are concerned about the future: how it will affect our livelihoods, our European friendships and families, our study  opportunities, and our cultural links.

Members of York For Europe have campaigned to keep these flames alive for many years, and now we are facing the realities and tangible problems.

The new site, York European is an attempt to keep alive what we have and to celebrate all things European in York. 

We also want to share the difficulties and humour of Brexit (and even any advantages) for people in York and roundabout.  

It is not a blog or party political and will attempt to attract a wide spectrum of readers. 

It aims to be somewhat of a village pump where items of information and experiences can be shared. 

It has already helped to kick-start renewed friendships with our twin towns in Europe, Münster and Dijon, and has been welcomed by Europeans who live in York and York City Council. 

The site also has a good number hits from around the world.

Don Lodge is one of the people behind the York European website