Video: New song for lockdown aims to ‘capture the atmosphere’ of people’s experiences with the pandemic

15 Jan 2021 @ 7.43 pm
| Entertainment

Lockdown has been a hard time for everyone, and many people have turned to the arts for comfort and escapism – music being no exception.

Miles and The Chain Gang’s second single, ‘Drag Me To The Light’ was written during the first UK national lockdown, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I tried to capture the atmosphere of what a lot of people were experiencing,” says Miles Salter, band frontman and primary songwriter.

The band is made up of Miles Salter (vocals, guitar), Tim Bruce (bass), Billy Hickling (drums), and Alan Dawson (guitar). The band formed in 2018 and have performed at open mic nights and gigs at venues such as The Crescent.

The song ‘Drag Me To The Light’ also features Sean McMullan (guitar), Holly Taymar-Bilton (vocals), Sam Pirt (accordion), Thomas Rhodes (trumpet) and Jonny Hooker (organ).

Take a listen to the song here:

Miles and The Chain Gang incorporate a sound of rock, new wave and soul with influences from artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison, Leonard Cohen, Pink Floyd and more.

The band plan to release more music soon.