How a new map is guiding tourists to some of York’s best businesses

Tanya Ventress at Duttons for Buttons on Coppergate admires the map. Photographs: Richard McDougall
11 Aug 2017 @ 1.55 pm
| Business

Want to know where you can find some of the best indepenedent shops and businesses in York? There’s a map for that!

Indie York’s new map details more than 100 of the city’s independents, from bars to bookshops, designers to delicatessens.

It is now stocked across York, helping both visitors to find their way to some of the best businesses in town.

And plans are even now under way to create a bigger and better version in the autumn.

Wonderful traders

The boss of Cross Of York fishmongers on Shambles Market, Andrew Kenny, with his maps
“One of the best features of York is that there are some wonderful independent businesses,” said Johnny Hayes, chairman of Indie York.

“The map shows where all these businesses are and the website gives you a view outside and inside the business with a review and quote from the owner.”

The paper version is available in more than 100 venues, including Visit York, York station, shops, restaurants and businesses.

And people can also consult it on their smartphone via the Indie York website, which is clocking up tens of thousands of hits.

Future plans

The marvellous map

Johnny said the updated version will include 50 more members of Indie York, and is due out in October.

“If independent businesses in York would like to apply could they go to the Indie York website. There is an application form and details of who qualifies to be included,” he said.

Funding for Indie York has come for the York BID and Bootham School, as well as from the annual fees of its members.

By next year Indie York aims to have at least 200 members.

Plans are afoot to continue to expand its presence on social media and then look to put together collective events.