New directors bring ‘funny, sad, ridiculous’ Alan Bennett plays to York

5 Jun 2017 @ 10.33 am
| Entertainment

Three of Alan Bennett’s much-loved Talking Heads monologues are coming to the York stage, helmed by three emerging directors from Rowntree Players Theatre Company.

Joseph Rowntree Theatre

Fri June 9-Sat June 10 @ 7.30pm; Sat matinee 2.30pm


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Known for being one of the country’s oldest amateur theatre companies; Rowntree Players are bringing the popular words of Bennett back to his own county, with a staging of A Chip In The Sugar, Her Big Chance and Soldiering On.

“Talking Heads is a classic of theatre and television, and its humour and poignancy is still very relevant today” said Howard Ella from the Players.

“The three chosen monologues are entertaining in their own right, but seeing them back-to-back, you get a real sense of their contrast; from funny, to sad, to ridiculous.”

Veterans and newcomers

Writer of genius: The man himself in BBC2 programm Alan Bennett’s Diaries. Photograph: BBC/Lonestar Productions

Each piece follows a different character as they regale their story from their amusing and, at times, upsetting lives.

From an irritated son, trying to prevent his mother from heartbreak; to an over-confident actress with delusions of grandeur; and a naïve older women whose trust becomes her downfall.

The monologues will feature veteran actors from the Players, paired with newcomers to the director’s chair and each contributing a new interpretation of Bennett’s work.

By featuring new talent, they are hoping to encourage the people of York to see a novel take on some of Bennett’s best work; be it watching for the first time, or discovering it all over again.

“The beauty of Bennett is that he is timeless,” says Howard. “We see these monologues appealing to all lovers of theatre, whether you’ve been coming for years, or even if it’s your first time.”