New £20 York residents parking badge in force from September 1

30 Aug 2014 @ 12.05 pm
| Transport
The new Minster badge, top, replaces the old one, bottom left

If you haven’t got a new Minster Badge in your windscreen from Monday, September 1, don’t claim your residents’ parking discount in York – otherwise you could be fined.

Previously free, the Minster Badge now costs £20 for two years.


City of York Council, which issues the badges, says that residents who buy one will get their money back in five evening visits a year or four five-hour stays in a long-term car park.

The council introduced the £20 scheme to help contribute towards saving some of the £280,000 identified in relation to the parking services budget for 2014/15.

The old York Residents Discount Parking Permit will no longer be accepted from August 31, 2014. Residents who use the badge from September 2014 onwards may receive a penalty charge notice.

Households across the city have been sent postcards this week providing more detail about the scheme and signposting them to the website for more information.

You can buy a new badge online here. It may take up to ten days for the badge to be posted to you.

  More details and FAQs on the council website