Nearly 150 York residents fined for breaking coronavirus rules

15 May 2020 @ 4.39 pm
| News

North Yorkshire Police have revealed how many fines they’ve issued to people flouting coronavirus regulations.

As of 11 May, the force had issued 926 fixed penalty notices during 509 incidents.

Of those, 351 of the recipients had previously come to the attention of the police.

Altogether 58 per cent of the notices were issued to non-residents of York and North Yorkshire.

However, in York most of the fines were issued to residents. Of the 179 notices issued in the city, 147 were to residents.

On Wednesday (13 May) Assistant Chief Constable Mike Walker urged people to take “personal responsibility” as the relaxation of the lockdown rules were introduced.

But he added “the minority who choose not to should be aware that the fines under the regulations have now increased to £100.

“Although my officers do not want to use their enforcement powers if they don’t have to, it’s right that they’re able to take action against a minority who disregard the remaining restrictions and in doing so, put people at risk.”

North Yorkshire fines – Area  & gender      

Area where notice issuedNotices IssuedLocal ResidentsVisitorsMaleFemale

North Yorkshire fines – Ages

AgeNo of fines
18 – 25380
26 – 35300
36 – 45137
46 – 5563
56 – 6533
66 and over13

Top five areas for visitors from out of the area

Residence of those issued NoticesNotices Issued
West Yorkshire273
County Durham30