Mysterious markings at top of Shambles explained

What could they mean?
18 Feb 2014 @ 4.52 pm
| Environment
What could they mean?
What could they mean?

Painted on the cobbles at the top of Shambles, these markings had York residents scratching their heads today (Tuesday, February 18).

The white, pink and orange letters and symbols were found on the setts on King’s Court as the road curves past the northern end of Shambles towards Newgate.

Having appeared overnight in one of the most historic parts of medieval York, they had people speculating. What could they be?

A message from an alien civilisation perhaps. Or more worryingly, plans to extend the Milton Keynes-like slabs from the new King’s Square round the corner into Shambles.

Nothing so earth shattering.

They mark the path of utilities like the electricity and water mains, and were put there by contractors connected to the Newgate Market refurb plans, a spokeswoman for the council said.

And they will be washed clean tonight.

At ease, everybody.