More than 800 people apply for just 15 jobs at York business

12 Aug 2020 @ 6.03 pm
| Business

A business owner has spoken of his shock after his jobs ad attracted hundreds of applications.

Wayne Chadwick, owner of the York Roast Co, advertised for 15 members of staff after getting the green light to open his outlets again last month.

And more than 800 people applied.

Wayne told the BBC: “Ordinarily we would probably be lucky to have 15 to 20 people applying for the jobs that we were advertising for.

“Pre-pandemic, it was very difficult to recruit staff because the jobs market was solid.

“But now we’re in a dual situation.

“In one respect it’s wonderful as we managed to get the people we needed but in reality, it’s very sad.”

City will bounce back

People inside York Roast Co in 2017

Wayne employs 35 people in York.

He told YorkMix trade was currently down by about 20% – “but we had a remarkable month last year”.

Wayne said: “On one hand we managed to fill our vacancies rapidly but on the other hand I feel extremely sad for those who are looking for work with so few jobs.

“I’m just pleased that we have been able to help a little.

“It is worrying for York but I think it will bounce back providing we don’t get a second wave.”

New figures today revealed that Britain has collapsed into its largest recession on record after the coronavirus lockdown sparked a 20.4% contraction between April and June – the biggest slump of any major global economy.