More than 70% of York residents are not confident about leaving the house if lockdown is eased now – Poll

Seventy-two per cent of York residents said they would not feel confident about leaving the house if the government eased lockdown restrictions this weekend.

More than 2,500 residents took part in a poll – with more than 1,800 saying they would not be comfortable with restrictions being lifted imminently.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is due to make an announcement about changes to the lockdown on Sunday.

But Downing Street was forced to clarify that the PM would be announcing only a “very limited” easing of the social distancing rules when he sets out his “road map” for the way forward.

Commenting on Facebook page, Beccie Hillman said: “No way! Hundreds of people are still losing their lives. Easing lockdown is just going to bring a second wave.”

But Annoula Wilby wrote: “Yes we need to learn to live alongside this, it seemingly isn’t going anywhere, we have learnt many times to live with infections that are deadly.”

‘I don’t have a choice’

Prime Minister Boris Johnson takes a morning walk in St James’s Park in London on Wednesday. Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

A number of York residents said they have had to leave the house because they work in key roles.

Nick Feetenby said: “No change for me. Haven’t stopped working and can’t stop! Respect to all other self-employed tradesmen working through this pandemic. Keep it up boys and girls!”

And Charlotte Louise Henson wrote: “I have to, I don’t have a choice. I’ve gone to work everyday for the past seven weeks.”

Tommy Holland said he would like to see “a slight ease in some restrictions but baby steps in phases.”

Ann-Marie Nicholson said: “I think we should wait [until] Sunday on what these measures are before speculating. It may be only minimal.”

Government guidance asking people to stay at home and only leave the house to buy food, for health reasons or work if you cannot work from homes remains in place.

People should stay two metres away from other people at all times and wash hands regularly.

North Yorkshire Police has issued more than 500 fines to people breaking the guidance.