More than £1m to be spent repairing and repainting York bridges – as water seeps in

More than £1 million is to be put towards refurbishing York’s bridges – including essential work on Lendal Bridge.

City of York Council has set aside £1.1 million for future proofing and maintenance works to bridges in the next year.

Repairs to Lendal Bridge due to take place include road resurfacing and repainting.

An update for senior councillors says: “The highway surfacing across this structure has been displaying signs of deterioration for some time.

“A failing road surface allows water to penetrate into the structure and cause deterioration of protective systems (paint) and structural elements.

“Water also appears to be getting into the structure via the footway and utility ducts. This scheme will aim to reduce these sources of ongoing deterioration.

“The protective coating system (paint) will be renewed or refurbished where required. Any necessary structural repairs will be undertaken as part of the works to the bridge.”