More than 100 York drivers told to switch off their idling engines – but not fined

More than 100 drivers have been asked to turn off idling engines in York to cut pollution levels.

But no one has yet been fined under anti-idling rules introduced last year.

About six hours and 45 minutes of vehicle engine idling time has been saved – with 105 drivers asked to switch off their engines by council enforcement officers.

Anti-idling patrols have been tasked with speaking to drivers who are parked up – but leave their car or van engine running.

Under rules launched last February, if drivers refuse they can be fined £20.

But a City of York Council spokesperson said fines would only be issued as a last resort – and the rules were introduced as a way to reduce idling rather than increase penalties.

Any driver of a vehicle idling on a road, in council car parks or on council land for more than two minutes could be asked to turn their engine off.

A poster campaign has also been rolled out across the city to discourage idling.