More space for cyclists and pedestrians between Scarborough Bridge and Bootham

Plans to create a smoother journey between Scarborough Bridge and Bootham for cyclists, pedestrians and people with mobility problems are set to go ahead.

Under the proposals, the path alongside Marygate Car Park near the railway line will be widened. Traffic lights will be installed at the top of St Mary’s, a new ramp built at the bottom of St Mary’s, and the crossing in Bootham near Bootham Park Hospital will be revamped.

The £300,000 total project is set to be given the go-ahead at a transport meeting on Tuesday.

A survey about the scheme received 96 responses – most of them in favour of the plans.

Some St Mary’s residents were not happy about three parking spaces being removed to make way for traffic lights. In response, the design has been change to take out only two parking spaces.

Six bays will have to be removed at Marygate Car Park to enable the railway-side path to be widened by about a metre.

The view from the new Scarborough Bridge

The crossing at Bootham would also be moved slightly closer to St Mary’s and will be upgraded.
According to the council report, the developers who bought the former Bootham Park Hospital confirmed the cycle and walking route along the drive will stay open – and will most likely be improved.
They say no vehicles are expected to enter the site through the gates in Bootham but they will be kept open for cyclists to use.

Scarborough Bridge

There are also plans to improve the floodgate next to Scarborough Bridge at Earlsborough Terrace – with the aim of removing the step to make it easier for cyclists and disabled people to use.
The council report says: “This scheme will complement and enhance the approaches to the recently completed and award winning Scarborough Bridge upgrade from the city centre.”