From Moonlight to Mastermind, cabaret to karaoke – LGBT History Month hits York

Some of the highlights in York of LGBT History Month… Lip Sync Lollapalooza, Mastermind and Moonlight
31 Jan 2018 @ 6.59 pm
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February is the month when the UK celebrates LGBT history and here in York there is a full programme of events looking at and celebrating lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history.

Organised by York LGBT History Month, a registered charity, the events cover a wide range of activities covering the national theme of Geography.

More than 40 events take place, ranging from informative and educational talks to quiz nights and live entertainment.

Here’s a lowdown on some of the highlights.

Dates for your diary

Are you ready for the LGBT lip-sync battle? Photograph: Lip Sync Lollapalooza on Facebook

Opening night The annual launch night takes place on Friday (February 2) and sold out very quickly, but for those lucky enough to have a ticket, the night sees speeches from each of the sponsors with the two co-lead coordinators hosting in the style of Ant & Dec.

After the sponsors speeches there is a quiz followed by live music.

Day of talks The month really kicks off the next day, Saturday 3rd, with a full day of talks at York Explore Library. Starting at 9.30am through to 5pm, it’s free to attend and people can pop in and out as they please throughout the day.

Karaoke nights Every Monday throughout February from 8.30pm at Thomas of York Pub & Kitchen, there’s karaoke with a free shot for every singer. And not listed in the programme, every Wednesday is Karaoke at the Nags Head on Micklegate.

Uni events There are several events at the University of York, not least a fascinating discussion exploring Judaism through the experience of being LGBT on Wednesday 7th. On the same night, a talk on Homoerotics, homonormativity and big gay Hogwarts, which sounds intriguing.

Mental health Also, on Wednesday 7th at Aviva, there’s a talk on the history of Mental Health within the LGBT community which is also free to attend.

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Moonlight screening New Earswick Folk Hall is showing a screening of the acclaimed film Moonlight on Friday 9th, it’s free but check our website for details about obtaining a ticket.

Cabaret night If you like cabaret, then Sunday 18th is the date for your diaries, Fibbers host Lip Sync Lollapalooza with drag acts from the Haus of Dench, tickets are £3-£8 from here.

LGBT Mastermind If you enjoy television’s Mastermind, then why not pop down to the Corner Pin pub on Wednesday 21st at 7pm for an LGBT version? Eight contestants will battle it out for the title of LGBT Mastermind 2018.

It will follow the TV format, with contestants answering questions of their chosen LGBT related subject and on LGBT general knowledge with £50 going to the winner.

Closing event The official closing event is an evening of live performance with music and spoken word from various local acts which promises to be an excellent and entertaining way to bring down the curtain on LGBT History Month 2018. That’s £6 per ticket at The Basement.