Monster 21m-high hedge causes York neighbours to fall out – and ‘could eventually kill someone’

7 Dec 2020 @ 6.37 pm
| News

Householders have called on the council to take action over a neighbour whose hedge towers 21 metres above the street.

A couple say the debris from the Leylandii hedge is falling in their garden, putting their grandson and pet’s safety at risk.

And they suggest if nothing is done, the giant hedge could topple, and possibly kill someone.

The complaint concerns the hedge in a garden on Durlston Drive, Strensall, York. A professional tree surgeon has estimated that it is 21m high at its maximum (69 ft).

A neighbouring couple have lodged an official request with City of York Council to investigate, paying the £350 charge to do so.

And they say they have the backing of residents of five other nearby homes.

Branches falling

The view from the front. Image: planning documents

In their statement the couple say the hedge hasn’t been maintained in the 13 years they have lived in the street, and has doubled in size in that time.

It is blocking light and ‘dropping mess’ onto their property.

“This mess is causing a safety hazard to my pet’s feet with the needles,” the statement says.

“Branches quite often fall from the trees which also land in my garden and the public walkway.

“Now I have my grandson round and he loves to play out in my garden but I constantly fear that something will fall and injure him.”

As the hedge grew the light in their garden went “from good to bad to ridiculous”.

That has left them feeling like they can’t enjoy sitting out in the garden any more.

‘Possible loss of life’

Another view

The statement goes on: “Over the past 12 to 18 months we have noticed that the hedge is now starting to lean over towards my property.

“My family and I now fear that eventually this hedge will become unstable and eventually not be able to support itself.

“This also brings into the equation that there is a possibility of loss of life should the worst happen, and damage to surrounding properties.”

The complainants have supplied two quotes from tree surgeons to cut the height of the hedges by 30% – one would charge £2,016 and the other £8,295.

Neighbours offered to put £500 towards the cost – but that has now been withdrawn.

The complainant says the owner of the property with the huge hedge has not responded to numerous contacts, and adds: “This is now at a point that we cannot speak any more.”