Monk Bar like you’ve never seen it before

Monk Bar with its winter lights. Photographs: YorkMix
30 Nov 2016 @ 8.30 pm
| Environment

This is Monk Bar, dazzling like it’s never done before.

Dressed up like it’s off to the disco, the ancient gateway looks stunning lit up against the black night sky.

All four of the the city’s bars will extend an equally glittering winter welcome to residents and visitors this Christmas and beyond.

All four gateways are getting the same glittering treatment
All four gateways are getting the same glittering treatment

A cascade of shimmering lights will drape Micklegate Bar, Walmgate Bar, Monk Bar and Bootham Bar, in a revamp sponsored by the York Business Improvement District (BID).

This is part of the BID’s overall commitment to enhancing the city’s inviting atmosphere for all who live, visit, study and work in York.

The light installation will run from December until February.

Spotlight the landmarks

Brilliant in every way
Brilliant in every way

Executive director of the York BID Andrew Lowson said:

During our consultation, BID businesses expressed the need for a greater presence of winter lights that would stretch beyond the popular holiday market areas such as Parliament Street, St Sampson’s Square and King’s Square.

The bars of the city walls are prominent features in York’s cityscape; the winter lights will spotlight these impressive landmarks and brighten the atmosphere during these dark, early-drawn nights.

Shelagh Garside, owner of Curtain Up on Micklegate, said: “The lights will transform the look and feel of the main entrances to our City, and deliver a visually uplifting sight that will convey the message that York welcomes you to our beautiful city.”