Men and women are different – let’s celebrate that fact

4 Mar 2014 @ 8.21 am
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Rosie the Riveter, one of the icons for International Women's Day
Rosie the Riveter, one of the icons for International Women’s Day

jules-wyman-headshotYork confidence coach Jules Wyman co-hosts an international women’s hangout this week – and everyone’s invited to join in

No matter how much we fight for equality the undeniable truth is that men and women are different – in more ways than one…

It may shock some to realise but I spent a great deal of my life fighting this truth and desperately tried to shoehorn myself into a generic human mode. In practice though, this meant that I didn’t fit – either with the guys or the gals!

I fought and fought, and it made me miserable.

Then at a workshop in 2005 I discovered that equality is more about equal respect – man/ woman, boy/ girl, black/ white – and it’s not about us all being “the same” and fitting into a generic mode.

I studied the wonderful gender differences from our communication styles to our needs and much more. It has helped me love being a woman and honour our quirks.

It has helped me love men and most (still working on some!) of their peculiarities.

So I am unapologetic about being part of this year’s International Women’s Day events. As I know these are about celebrating women and not an elite male bashing bitching fest!

Online hangout

This year I am one of three wonderful hosts across both hemispheres for an online hangout. Joining me are Australian relationship coach Lisa Page and transformation and transitions coach Tiffany Kay, from Warrington.

Our online event is free, for women and smart men! You can join us by registering on the International Women’s Hangout website.

It will be a real conversation with likeminded women sharing hard-earned wisdom and having some fun along the way.

We are covering six major themes in two sessions.

First session – Thursday, March 6, 8am-11am (UK time)

  • The “having it all” myth
  • Guilt-free living
  • Ditching magazine perfection for healthy living

Second session – Thursday, March 6, 7.30pm-10.30pm (UK time)

  • Money matters and your real worth
  • The secret to soulful sex and real love
  • Is ‘balance’ really the solution to stress?

Join us and let’s celebrate who we are, face some of our challenges and have a good laugh in the process!