Meet the young York actor starring in the hottest new show on Netflix

20 Mar 2017 @ 7.25 pm
| Entertainment

Only a few years ago, Adain Bradley’s biggest starring role was in Bugsy Malone at the Grand Opera House in York.

Today he is a regular in the cast of one of the hottest new TV series around – one which is being beamed across the globe by Netflix.

Adain stars in Riverdale – a show based on the characters by Archie Comics. It explores small town life, and the darkness and weirdness bubbling beneath Riverdale’s wholesome façade.

Moved to York

Adain was born in Salina, Kansas to an American mother and a British father. But, he told YorkMix, his parents decided there would be more opportunities for their mixed raced children in England than a mid-west American town.

They moved to York when he was just two months old. And he was eight when a teacher spotted his acting potential in a drama class.

Two years later Adain made his mark on the acting scene as Leroy in Bugsy Malone at the Grand Opera House.

Adain plays Trev, one of the nice guys in Riverdale. Photographs: Netflix

He remembers the auditions well

“When I went there, there were about 400 kids lined up across the bridge,” Adain told CG Magazine.

“When we were doing the try outs, I came out and said that they were going to call me.

“My mum said are you ready to go? And I said no, they want to see me again. About a week later, I got a letter in the mail that said they wanted me to play Leroy.

“And that was, I suppose my big break really.”

He said the experience taught him a lot. “We were spending so much time together, and it taught me that you kind of do have a bond with these people and you have to trust these people. It paved the way for me ever since.”

Another big break

He’s a member of a starry cast

Adain, who went to All Saints School, fell in love with acting, and began appearing in short films. He later trained at the Michaeljohn Acting Academy in London, before moving out to Los Angeles to pursue his dream.

Although the Archie comics are not so well known in Britain, his mum knew all about them. So when he was up for the Riverdale audition, she made him read lots of them.

“The Archie comics aren’t that popular in England but they’re everywhere here, you will see them at the tills in most shops.

“So, when I was telling my mum about the show she knew what it was.”

A lot of Aidan’s scenes are with Lili Reinhart, who plays Betty Cooper in Riverdale

He won the part of popular Archie character Trev Brown, a high school jock with a not so typical sensitive and caring side.

“I’d like to think I’m as nice as Trev is, he’s just a really great guy,” he told YorkMix.

“I really like him and the way he is so respectful toward women even though he’s a football player.”

‘It was breathtaking’

The first few episodes of season one have been aired on both Netflix USA and UK – and a second series has been commissioned.

Adain is very happy with how the show is going so far and is loving life in LA where he is living out his passion for acting.

“I love it, it’s what I’ve always wanted to do, so to be doing it on such a big scale is great.”

He confessed he was a little starstruck when filming a scene with Cole Sprouse who plays Jughead in the series.

“I’ll admit, it was breathtaking,” he said. “Everyone watched The Suite Life of Zack and Cody growing up as well as Friends and Big Daddy.”

Returning home

Trev is known as a musician in the comics and Adain also has musical bones as he played the cello and guitar as well as singing when growing up.

“I’ve started to pick it back up again now I’m in LA because everyone around me are into it and it’s part of the scene,” he said.

‘I’d like to think I’m as nice as Trev is’

Although he is adjusting well to the California lifestyle and weather the 18-year-old still misses his home town.

“I grew up in York so I’m just used to it there. I miss walking everywhere, we have to get cars all the time here.”

Aidan has got his parents as well as his older sister Andrea living in LA with him, while his brother Alastair visits often.

But he plans to return to York at some point in the future as he still has family living here.