Meet York’s job finder general, Simon Wallace

4 Sep 2012 @ 5.11 pm
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Career coach: let Simon help you find a better job

Looking for a new job in York? Perhaps you’d like to switch career, or get on the fast track to promotion.

If so, this man can help you. Simon Wallace is a careers coach. He knows recruitment inside out and has helped countless people identify, track down and secure their dream job.

With 20 years’ experience in the field Simon knows all the tricks and tips for everything from preparing that stand-out CV to successful networking.

In the coming weeks, Simon is going to be offering advice to YorkMix readers. So if you have a question for him, click here to email it to us, or ask in the comments section below.

Don’t worry we won’t use your name – confidentiality is guaranteed. In the meantime, Simon kindly agreed to answer our own job interview-style questions…


We should start as job interviews invariably do with this killer: ‘Tell me something about yourself…’

I studied to be an accountant and hated it; too many rules. Instead I found my calling in process analysis. I love finding out how things work and even better, how they can work more efficiently. Having re-trained in quality assurance and later on in IT, I have worked in the automotive, telecoms, agricultural and rail industries in many different roles.

I have seen both sides of the hiring process and believe it could be much more efficient as well as effective. I moved to York in 2004 to be with Ann (now my wife), we live in Holgate and have a dog, Harry. Outside of work I enjoy cryptic crosswords and origami as well as gardening and photography.


What is your business all about?

B&A Careers helps job hunters. Everyone is different and so their needs are different. I take time to listen to people, help you work out what you are looking for and then help you develop a plan to find it. Job hunting is a daunting task; I will be your coach along the way.


What are the best and worst things about job hunting in York today?

The best thing is the diverse range of jobs that can be found, from bar work to boardroom. However, due to York’s popularity, its is not always easy to find the job you are looking for. Competition is fierce. I’ll not help you stand out from the crowd; we’ll teach you how to be at least four steps ahead.


Who inspires you?

My step-father for one. He always sees the potential in people. I am also a fan of the late Sir John Harvey-Jones (pictured right), he understood how to make the best of any situation.

Who or what drives you crazy?

People who are unwilling to help themselves. I have no problem with people moaning, we all do it. But if they’re not going to do something about it…


What is the best and worst advice you’ve ever been given?

The best advice came from my step-father; the art of negotiation is creating a win-win solution. The worst advice usually comes from banks trying to sell you one of their products.