Meet a Viking – via Zoom! Jorvik takes interactive history online

6 Jan 2021 @ 9.57 am
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Teachers can now bring a Viking into their virtual classrooms thanks to the Jorvik Viking Centre virtual outreach programme.

Students can come face to face with a person from the past or get a glimpse of interesting artefacts from the extensive archaeological collections.

Immersive and interactive, the sessions aim to offer the same fun students would have visiting the attractions, as Jorvik has adapted their award-winning school workshops and activities for exclusive access online.

He’s waiting to see you at Jorvik Viking Centre. Photograph: Richard McDougall

You can connect to sessions through a variety of platforms too.

They currently offer virtual outreach via Skype, Zoom and Google Meet, but they are happy to discuss other platform requirements if you have them.

Learn about Viking life

Meet a Viking if you dare

Your students can spend 45 minutes discovering what life was like in the Viking Age from the perspective of different 10th-century inhabitants of the city of Jorvik.

They will tell stories, show you prized possessions and maybe even guide students through doing some Viking activities yourselves!

So, do you want to meet with the settlers living in the Viking city, marvel at goods from distant lands, or hear tales of warriors, gods and giants?

Find out more on Jorvik’s virtual outreach service here.

If you have an urgent enquiry, contact the Reservations department directly by phone (01904 615505) or email [email protected].