Man jailed for spitting at staff on York station

16 Dec 2014 @ 9.35 pm
| Crime

Patrolled by police… York Railway Station
A man has been jailed for ten weeks for spitting at a member of staff at York railway station.

York Magistrates Court heard that Anthony Cornwell, 24, had been drinking in York city centre on Saturday, November 22. He was heavily under the influence when he returned to the station to catch a train back to Teesside at about 5pm.

Cornwell entered the Whistlestop shop on the main station concourse and began to verbally abuse and swear at a member of staff before spitting at them.

The victim alerted British Transport Police officers patrolling the station. They discovered Cornwell on platform five waiting to catch a train to Middlesbrough.

He was arrested and taken into custody where he was charged with assault.

Cornwell, of Caernavon Close, Grangetown, Middlesbrough, appeared before magistrates on December 11 where he was handed a 10-week jail term and ordered to pay £100 compensation costs to his victim.

‘Unpleasant and violating assault’

“We welcome this sentencing and hope that it sends out a strong message out that we will not tolerate this type of offensive, drunken and abusive behaviour on stations or on trains,” said Inspector Richard Price, of British Transport Police.

“The victim was extremely shaken following this unpleasant and violating assault.”

Following an increase in the number of people travelling to York from Yorkshire and the North East for a day’s drinking in the city pubs and bars, the force launched Operation Vanguard at York station in April 2014.

Every Saturday night British Transport Police officers work alongside rail staff to identify passengers who have been drinking heavily.

Together they decide if passengers are fit to travel and then deal with them accordingly.

“Too often we then have to deal with these people later in the day and into the early evening,” Insp Price said.

“They are turning up at York to catch the train back heavily intoxicated and as in this case causing problems, being abusive and often putting themselves, members of the public, rail staff and officers at risk.”

Police will intervene when necessary, he added.

“This is not about trying to spoil people’s fun or ruining their day out. It’s about educating people to be aware of their alcohol consumption and their behaviour when around other passengers.”