Man is barred from every pub in York

Not welcome: Emlyn Thomas
19 Nov 2018 @ 6.22 pm
| Crime, News

A man has been banned from every pub in York for five years.

Emlyn Thomas, 37, was given the order following a string of convictions for anti-social behaviour, abusive behaviour and being drunk and disorderly over the past six months.

York Magistrates’ Court heard that alcohol was an aggravating factor. The court granted North Yorkshire Police’s application for a Criminal Behaviour Order against him.

For the next five years, Thomas, of Clifton, York, is banned from:

  • Entering any on-licenced premises in the city of York
  • Drinking in any public place in the city
  • Possessing an open container of alcohol in the city
  • Being drunk and disorderly or incapable in a public place
  • Entering any commercial premises he is banned from, or remaining on commercial premises after he has been asked to leave.

Zero tolerance

Under the order the boundaries of the city are defined as the A1237 and A64. If Thomas fails to comply, he can be arrested and returned to court to face further charges.

After the hearing, Sergeant Andy Walker of York Community Safety Hub, said they had worked with other local services to address the problems with a mixture of support and legal action against Thomas. He added:

  • York is a safe city and we want to ensure it remains a pleasant place for people to live, work and visit.

    Thomas’ behaviour undermines this and the order put in place by the courts sends out a clear message that it won’t be tolerated.