Male rescued from house fire in York

12 Apr 2013 @ 8.38 am
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Issued by North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service

12th April 2013
Location: Warwick Street, York.

Fire crews from York responded to a call at 1.50am this morning from a male who stated that he had been woken by the smoke alarms in his property “sounding ten to the dozen”, and had vacated the smoke-filled terraced house to then call the fire brigade.

He also stated in his call that the other resident of the premises, a male, was on the floor of the kitchen and could not be roused.

Fire crews using breathing appartus led the male (from the kitchen) to safety and he was handed to the care of paramedics, suffering from a burnt hand and smoke inhalation. He declined hospital attendance.

Firecrews used a hosereel jet to extinguish the fire in the kitchen which had caused extensive fire damage to the room rupturing a gas line above the cooker extractor, with smoke damage throughout the ground floor.

A positive pressure ventilation fan was used to ventilate the property.

The cause is believed to be due to a chip pan left unattended.

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