York Vaccination Centre open as usual

Picture: Nimbuscare on Facebook

If you have an appointment at the York Vaccination Centre today, don’t worry it’s still open.

This from the operators, Nimbuscare: “The site is open today for Covid vaccinations. Please travel safely.

“Our car park and site area have been made safe and are clear of snow. The nearby roads are also clear.

“Please follow the latest travel advice for your area. Please wear suitable footwear for walking on wet ground and wrap up warm.

“We have plenty of volunteers on site to help you if you need support to make your way to the vaccination area.

“Please do not come early for your vaccination – try to arrive just before your appointment time.

“If you feel you cannot travel today due to the weather in your area, please do not worry. You will not be forgotten and you will receive another invitation to come for your vaccine.”