York MP Julian Sturdy: ‘Leave Downing Street this week, Prime Minister’

Boris Johnson, with York Outer MP Julian Sturdy, at the Rustic Baking stall at York Station in November 2021. Photograph: Rustic Baking Co on Facebook

York Outer MP Julian Sturdy has never been a fan of Boris Johnson, and has been an outspoken critic of the PM for much of his tenure.

Unsurprisingly, he has welcomed Mr Johnson’s decision to resign – and is urging him not to hang about.

This is his statement today:

I am relieved the Prime Minister has accepted that the only way to bring stability to Government is his resignation.

It is the best decision for the country, and we can now begin the process of rebuilding public trust and refocusing on the major challenges facing the country.

Given these pressures, I would urge the Prime Minister to leave Downing Street this week, allowing his Deputy Prime Minister to lead Government while the Conservative Party leadership election takes place.