‘We’re really pleased – but everybody is still a little bit nervous’

The Coppergate Centre in York is fully open again.

While retailers have been reopened for a while, the centre’s attractions – the Jorvik Centre and the new Hole In Wand – have allowed people in, along with the cafes.

Pippa Unwin, manager at the Coppergate Centre, said people were delighted – although: “Everybody is still a little bit nervous.

“We are still meant to be socially distanced. And it does get difficult when people come shopping for social distancing.

“But all of our retailers work really well together. Because York is so heavily a tourist city, and because the tourists and the international trade hasn’t come back yet, we found that social distancing isn’t a problem here.

“Today, now we are fully back as a centre. And we’re really pleased to see that and when do you think it’s going to translate well for businesses, and it’s just a nice feel in the centre.”

Online bookings at both Jorvik and the Hole In Wand have been strong.