‘We’re preparing for more rain’ – Environment Secretary

Storm Christoph is now set to give way to colder winter weather this weekend as rainfall begins to ease, according to the Met Office.

But Environment Secretary George Eustice said authorities are monitoring river levels in Yorkshire and preparing for more rain expected next week.

He said flooded properties are a “real tragedy” for anyone affected, with around 70 homes deluged in the recent adverse weather.

York weather forecast

He told BBC Breakfast: “It is incredibly disruptive when people have their homes flooded, but around 26,000 homes have been protected from the various flood defence assets we have had in place.

“We have got 600 people on the ground putting up temporary barriers, using pumps in areas of Manchester where there were particular flood challenges.

“We are particularly monitoring the situation in Yorkshire as the water moves through those river systems and, of course, preparing as well for next week where later next week more rain is expected.”

He said around £2.5 billion has been spent on flood defences over the last five years.