Tuesday update: Big drop in Covid patients at York trust hospitals

Photograph: YorkMix

Another 165 coronavirus cases were confirmed in York today (Tuesday, 5 April).

That takes the cumulative case total to 62,609 – giving an overall infection rate of 29,670.8 cases per 100,000 people.

In the last seven days 1,334 people in York have tested positive for Covid-19 – down 589 (-30.6%) week on week.

The rolling seven-day rate in York is 776.7 new cases per 100,000 people (1,639 cases in the week to 28 March). It was 805.2 yesterday.

The English national average is 748.5, the Yorkshire and Humber average is 677.2.

There have been two coronavirus deaths in the City of York Council area in the last seven days (down six). The total number of deaths in the city is 468.

Here are the new cases by area of York for the seven days to 31 March:

New coronavirus cases in York by area, 7 Days to 31 March

Coronavirus (COVID-19) positive cases by Middle Super Output Area. Seven day rates are expressed per 100,000 population. On a phone scroll horizontally to see all the data. Source *Suppressed rates: MSOA level rates are suppressed where there have been fewer than 3 cases in a seven-day period. This is to protect the privacy of individuals and prevent disclosure.
AreaCases7 day
Fulford Road & Clementhorpe106797.9-22 (-17.2%)
Rawcliffe & Clifton South1021225.418 (21.4%)
Heworth North & Stockton90930.5-8 (-8.2%)
Bishopthorpe & Copmanthorpe831001.37 (9.2%)
Holgate East82904.6-18 (-18.0%)
Acomb81774.4-42 (-34.1%)
York City Centre78559.9-15 (-16.1%)
Heworth South & The Groves77675.8-17 (-18.1%)
Woodthorpe & Acomb Park74791.7-34 (-31.5%)
Clifton Without & Skelton73854.83 (4.3%)
Tang Hall72640.7-2 (-2.7%)
Strensall711022.612 (20.3%)
South Bank & Dringhouses68856.6-49 (-41.9%)
Westfield, Chapelfields & Foxwood63693.5-33 (-34.4%)
Huntington60881.3-16 (-21.1%)
Dunnington, Elvington & Wheldrake56868.1-20 (-26.3%)
Poppleton, Rufforth & Askham55871.5-4 (-6.8%)
Clifton North55631.3-21 (-27.6%)
Osbaldwick52609.7-36 (-40.9%)
Holgate West51545.9-57 (-52.8%)
New Earswick49844.5-20 (-29.0%)
Fulford, Heslington & University49501.1-24 (-32.9%)
Haxby46804.82 (4.5%)
Wigginton46760.0-23 (-33.3%)

In North Yorkshire, there were 509 new coronavirus cases reported today, taking the cumulative total to 179,236 – an infection rate of 28,880.6 cases per 100K.

North Yorkshire Covid-19 data 5 Apr 2022

Council areaNew casesTotal casesCase rateTotal deaths

There were nine coronavirus-related deaths reported by York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust today.

That takes the total to 878 across the trust (York and Scarborough Hospitals).

There were 249 Covid patients in York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (York and Scarborough Hospitals) today, down 23 since yesterday. Three are in the intensive care unit, no change.

Today’s key figures: 5 Apr 2022

People tested positive
50,624142,807 (since Friday)
Total of people tested positive in the UK:21,410,30521,359,681 (since Friday)
Daily UK deaths:368210
Total number UK deaths:166,148165,780
Confirmed cases in York:62,60962,444
Confirmed cases in North Yorkshire:179,236178,727
Confirmed cases in East Yorkshire:101,779101,463
People vaccinated in York – 1st doseDaily: 15
Total: 164,743
Daily: 0
Total: 164,728
People vaccinated in York – 2nd doseDaily: 35
Total: 156,012
Daily: 118
Total: 155,977
People vaccinated in York – boosterDaily: 51
Total: 127,955
Daily: 129
Total: 127,904
People vaccinated UK – 1st doseDaily: 11,137
Total: 52,837,997
Daily: 7,500
Total: 52,826,860
People vaccinated UK – 2nd doseDaily: 10,355
Total: 49,488,642
Daily: 9,079
Total: 49,478,287
People vaccinated UK – booster doseDaily: 14,726
Total: 38,881,391
Daily: 9,172
Total: 38,866,665