This chart shows the steep rise in York coronavirus cases – and how the city compares

The chart from Centre For Cities
The steep rise in coronavirus cases in York is shown in this chart by the Centre For Cities.

At present the city is doing better than many, based on the confirmed cases per 100,000 of the population. See the graph below. Enter York in the search box to see the city on its own:

The Centre for Cities says:

“The lockdown policies that the Government have introduced to slow the spread of coronavirus have had a huge economic impact. Some parts of the country will feel the negative effects more acutely than others.

“Places with stronger highly-skilled information-based economies – mostly in the Greater South East – have been able to more easily adapt to working from home, ensuring that some parts the economy continues to function.

“However, other areas – mostly in the North and Midlands – with weaker low-skill service-based economies have been less able to do this.