The stats for Saturday show coronavirus cases have risen again in York and North Yorkshire

Police patrol an empty cyclepath next the the Millennium Bridge in York. Photograph: NYP York City on Twitter

There have been two more confirmed cases of coronavirus in York.

The number of official cases of the virus has risen from 17 to 19, the figures for today (Saturday, 28 March) show.

In North Yorkshire the rate of increase has slowed – there are 75 recorded cases, compared to 69 yesterday.

Here are some more of the key statistics:

  • Total UK cases: 17,089
  • Daily confirmed UK cases: 2,546
  • Total UK deaths: 1,019
  • Confirmed cases in York: 19
  • Confirmed cases in North Yorkshire: 75
  • Confirmed cases in East Yorkshire: 26

The number of people tested in the UK for coronavirus has now reached 120,776.

Just under 50,000 tests (47,958) were carried out in the seven days to 9am March 28.

In the previous seven days the number was 35,072.

The total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK now stands at 17,089. One week ago, on March 21, the total stood at 5,018.