The Mount School students reflect on their successes

The Mount School’s Hannah Walton-Hughes achieved straight A* grades.

Hannah said: “Today has been a really lovely reward because I couldn’t have asked for better results. It’s really nice to know my work paid off! I couldn’t have done this without The Mount and all the opportunities and support I’ve been given.”

Hannah is taking a gap year before going on to study English with Creative Writing at the University of Nottingham.

Alicia Lake who joined The Mount at the age of three, has always been creative and, from a young age, her desire has been to become a fashion designer.

Alicia’s love of art and design has been nurtured as she progressed through the School and has seen her win many design competitions.

Today she celebrates achieving an A* in her art A Level and an A in Art and Design (plus an A in Classics).

Alicia is especially happy as she is one step closer to her goal after earning a much-coveted place to study Fashion Design at Ravensbourne University in London.

Alicia said: “I’m really happy about my results, it’s a relief after everything that has happened with lockdown. Whenever I needed help, my teachers were always supportive.”

Sophie Lofthouse also celebrates achieving straight As, securing a place to study veterinary medicine at Nottingham University. “I love Biology, so Maths and Chemistry were the ones I was worried about. It’s like a dream come true! Veterinary Medicine is what I have wanted to do since I was seven, and now at last it feels like it’s tangible,” said Sophie. 

Head of Sixth Form Michael Spiers summed up the day. “A socially distanced results day was a little unusual. However, it was wonderful to see the girls again and share their much-deserved success.”