‘So many success stories!’ Joseph Rowntree School celebrates brilliant results

Congratulations to all the Jo Ro students who've done so well

Joseph Rowntree School is proud of their Year 11 students, the first year group to sit external exams since 2019, for coming though difficult times with great results.

Their hard work and perseverance has been rewarded.

The school says: “We have loved working with them, and seeing them develop in our school community.

“There are so many success stories within our results, with students achieving brilliant results against the backdrop of real challenge, and we hope that all our students will feel proud of what they have achieved in their exams.”

Nineteen Jo Ro students have six or more grades at 8 or 9, and many more students have smashed their target grades to truly excel. 

Kian Kennedy achieved 7 Grade 9s, and Renia Fragkoulaki and Scott Codrai were amongst students who earned 6 Grade 9s amongst their results.

Head David Hewitt said:

We are delighted with the results our Year 11 students have achieved, both individually and as a year group.

This has been a difficult few years for students, but they have responded superbly to the challenges that periods of lockdown and school closures have created.

The resilience of our students during this time has been fantastic to see and we are looking forward to continuing to work with those staying in Sixth Form and to hearing about the continued successes of those students who are leaving us.