Situation ‘easing’ in Old Malton

Work to prevent flooding in Old Malton

Malton Town Council’s Martin Dales sends us this update: “Last night there was rapid increase in flooding in Old Malton.

“There were and still are seven pumps working hard to move water over the flood defences into the River Derwent.

“A multi-agency response including Malton’s North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue ensured pumps were in place and properties threatened sandbagged with the seventh one arriving, fitted and working by 2.30am today.

“Grateful thanks to the 20+ front-line staff involved as well as all those working in support in the background.

“The situation today is far better now and homes and businesses are not under threat. However, with County Bridge currently closed – the River Derwent is less than foot short of the level in pre-flood defences 1999 flood – a lot of traffic is being displaced onto the B1257 through Old Malton so do please drive carefully as work remains in progress.”