Pictures: The King arrives in York to be greeted by cheering crowds

The King greets well wishers on Micklegate. Photograph: James Glossop/The Times

Here are some great pictures of the King on Micklegate this morning.

He followed the tradition of so many sovereigns before him when entering through the royal gateway to York.

He was greeted by

  • The Lord Mayor of York – Councillor David Carr
  • The Lord Mayoress – Mrs Lunda Carr
  • The Sheriff of York – Mrs Suzie Mercer
  • The Sheriff’s Consort – Mrs Rebecca Murphy
  • Leader of the Council – Councillor Keith Aspen
  • Deputy Town Clerk – lan Floyd, Chief Operating Officer of City

This is what happened. The Lord Mayor inviteed His Majesty to approach the Sword and Mace Bearers at the gate where The King will touched. The sword bearer will then turn the sword while the Mace bearer will turn the mace.

Once the Sword and Mace bearers stand aside their maiesties, escorted by the Lord Mayor, entered the city. And the Town Clerk will read the ‘Declaration of Welcome’ to York.