Coronavirus: Number of confirmed cases in York rises again

Photograph: YorkMix

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in York has reached double figures for the first time.

According to official Public Health statistics there are ten cases recorded for York.

That is two more than on Saturday (Saturday).

Here are some of the other statistics:

  • Total UK cases: 5,683
  • Daily confirmed cases: 665
  • Total UK deaths: 281
  • Total cases in North Yorkshire: 20 (up by four)
  • Total cases in East Yorkshire: 15

It comes as both the North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner and York’s public health chief urged more social distancing.

Sharon Stoltz, Director of Public Health, City of York Council said:

  • To reduce the threat to the NHS, to slow down the infection and to make sure we don’t lose loved ones before their time, we must do more social distancing. It isn’t easy and means doing things differently.

    Social distancing includes keeping two metres apart from another person, working from home wherever possible and avoiding large gatherings.

And this from police commissioner Julia Mulligan: