More fabulous pictures from All Saints School as the results come in

Grade 9s with two 8s -Isabel Chatakondu and Clara O'Doherty

Here’s another gallery of great pictures from GCSE results day at All Saints School.

And look at those grades!

Julia McClean very pleased with her results
Bill Thorburn got 8s and four 9s, and will do Physics, Chemistry and Further Maths. Namitha Chungath got a 9 in RS, four 7s, three 8s and two 6s and will do Biology, Chem, Phys and Maths
Peter Melbourne and Benedict Wood, 7s and 6s!
Aimee Lowe – going on to Animal Management at Askham Bryan
Thibaut Duckett did extremely well and will do History, Politics, French and EPT. Catherine Harrison and Jacob Woolfson got all 9s and two 8s
Amy Kennedy – loads fo 9s, two 8s 
Clare Fairclough got two 9s in English
Kelsey McSweeney, really chuffed with results!
Francesca Focarelli – delightedan with 8 in Drama!
Joe Whitehead and Cameron Jones
Maisy Saunders and Maya Ginter
Damian O’Connor – 7 in English Lit and 9 in Spanish
Nevin Mathew – 9s in English Lang and Lit, and RE
Will Hobson and Drew Patel – T Level electrician course