Malton flooding latest – River levels ‘very high’, roads closed

Photograph: Ryan Swain

There are two flood warnings in Malton.

River Derwent at Old Malton – 6.57am update: “The current level of the River Derwent at Malton is 4.64m and will remain high. The level on the River Rye at Howe Bridge is 4.99m and will continue to rise slowly on Thursday. Pumps are continuing to operate in the area to manage groundwater and surface water.”

Mill Beck at Welham Road, Norton – 1.01am update: “Flooding of property, roads, and farmland is expected on Thursday morning. Areas most at risk are properties on Welham Road, Norton.”

The County Bridge has been closed, along with Norton Road. These photographs were taken this morning by YorkMix Radio presenter Ryan Swain.