Joseph Rowntree School: ‘We’re incredibly proud of our students’ hard work’

Jo Ro students jump for GCSE joy

Joseph Rowntree School said today they are incredibly proud of the achievements of our students receiving GCSE results today.

The students “have worked incredibly hard through periods of remote learning, and adapted to changes during periods of uncertainty, to produce an excellent set of outcomes.

“As a year group, they showed great maturity in continuing to engage well in their studies while participating in live lessons during lockdowns and excellent independence in preparing themselves through revision for their end of year assessments.”

About 20% of Year 11 students have achieved above target grade in the majority of their subjects and 17 students from the year group achieved all grade 8/9’s which is a phenomenal personal achievement. We wish all students the very best in their future and wherever they continue their studies, either here at Joseph Rowntree or elsewhere.

Head teacher Dave Hewitt said:

“We have been really impressed by how well our Year 11 students responded to the challenges of the last two academic years. This has been an unprecedented time in education, and the resilience and hard work that students have demonstrated has helped them achieve really pleasing outcomes.

“We look forward to welcoming back those students who are joining our Sixth Form and hearing about the successes of those who have chosen different post 16 pathways.”