Joseph Rowntree School: Five years of hard work culminate in excellent results

Joseph Rowntree School head Dave Hewitt

Joseph Rowntree School head Dave Hewitt praised the GCSE students in this unique year.

“It has been a fantastic morning at Joseph Rowntree School celebrating the achievements of our students in their GCSEs,” he said.

“We are incredibly proud, not only of the resilience that they have demonstrated throughout the uncertainties of the last few months, but for all the hard work and dedication that they have demonstrated over five years of study that culminate in these excellent results.

“Students have worked hard for these qualifications and they have benefitted from the support and excellent teaching of a quality staff.

“They should be delighted with all they have achieved here and we wish them all the best for the next steps in their education and careers.”

Students in the class of 2020 have received some excellent, well-earned results across a broad range of curriculum areas. Some of the notable achievements from this year’s results include:

Eleanor B (9- Literature, 9-Drama, 9-History), Eloise B (9- Literature, 9-English Language, 9-History, 9-Sociology, 99-Double Science),  Romy C (9-Computing, 9-DT, 9-English Language, 9-Literature, 9-Maths, 99- Double Science), Ellie D (9-Graphics, 9-English Language, 9-Literature, 9-French, 9-Maths, 9-Biology, 9-Chemistry, 9-Physics),  Joe F (9- Literature, 9-Geography, 9-History, 9-Biology, 9-Chemistry, 9-Physics), Ellis M (9-English Language, 9-Literature, 9-Maths, 9-Music, 9-Biology, 9-Chemistry, 9-Physics).

As well as those achieving the highest grades, many others have also overcome many challenges to achieve really strong grades and should also be immensely proud. Many students received grades demonstrating an excellent amount of progress from their initial starting points.