Joseph Rowntree School: Class of 2020 showed ‘fantastic character’

Socially distanced celebrations at Joseph Rowntree School

Joseph Rowntree School head Dave Hewitt praised his students for rising to this year’s unique challenges.

He said:

  • We are rightfully proud of the hard work, dedication and fantastic character of the Class of 2020.

    They have shown themselves to be absolutely committed to their studies since joining the Sixth Form, and their response to the challenges posed by this year has been admirable.

Ben Coleman, head of the school Sixth Form, said the year group “threw themselves into the life of our Sixth Form like no incoming year 12 cohort that went before them, and focused on excelling academically from the very earliest stage in their courses”.

He added:

  • This outstanding group of young people went on to achieve the best ever AS results and were well placed to exceed all our previous bests at A level, had the exams taken place.

    It has been a pleasure to work with such a superb group of young people, and they have been a genuine highlight of my 14 years in teaching.