Joseph Rowntree School: ‘All our students’ hard work has paid off’

GCSE result reactions at Joseph Rowntree School

Terrific results from the students at Joseph Rowntree School in York.

The school said this today: “We are immensely proud of what our Year 11 students have achieved this year.

“We know how hard they have worked and the hours of preparation that they put into their studies and exams – it is wonderful seeing this pay off.

“We are also so impressed with how they’ve managed to navigate the pressure of being the first year to return to pre-covid exam and grading levels.

“Many of our students have achieved well across a range of subjects, both academic and creative, with a significant number achieving above their target grades across a range of subjects. With challenging targets set, this can only be achieved through resilience and dedication. 

“Well done, Year 11 for all of your hard work. We can’t wait to see all the amazing things you will go on to accomplish and we wish you all the best in your next steps.”

Here are some of Jo Ro’s remarkable results. Charlie Dunne achieved 9 grade 9s in his exams. Holly Dukes and Caitlin Tiffany also achieved 10 subjects at grades 8/9. Annabelle Davenport and Jessie Nguyen both achieved over 8 subjects at grades 8/9. Ahmed Al-Awsi, Will Dennis, Emily Adams and Lexi Copley all also achieved over 5 grades at 8/9 as well as other strong results elsewhere. 

Headteacher Dave Hewitt said: “This has been a challenging time for our Year 11 students given the amount of disruption they have faced to their education.

“Their dedication to their studies has been really impressive and we are delighted with the results they have achieved and that many of them will continue their studies with us in our Sixth Form.

“Members of staff have been delighted to join students in celebrating their results this morning and helping them make decisions about the next step in their education.”