Homes near the River Foss could be hit by flooding

The Foss Barrier. Photograph: David Dunning

There is flooding expected from the River Foss today. But ‘no evacuation is necessary’ at the moment.

This from City of York Council: “The Environment Agency has issued a flood warning on the River Foss with river levels predicated to peak at 2.6m in the next few hours.

“The Foss barrier is working as designed. The issue is heavy rain in the upper basin is causing upper river levels to rise.

“We anticipate less than 95 properties will be impacted mostly in gardens and outbuildings, but there may be water entering some properties in the Strensall to Yearsley Baths area and the low point near the iron bridge on Huntington Road.

“The advice at this time is evacuation is not necessary and property level defences should be deployed. Council officers are door knocking at properties affected and will be deploying sandbags where needed.”