Here’s how hot it was in York at midday today – and how hot it stayed last night

The July sun over York Minster on Tuesday morning. Photograph: YorkMix

It is hot. And that’s official.

We’ve been looking at the temperatures recorded at various weather stations around York and North Yorkshire, and this is how it was looking as it reached high noon.

Bear in mind that most of these weather stations aren’t official. But they give us a good idea of how high the mercury’s going…


  • York Weather Station (Strensall, Weathercloud) 35ºC
  • WX Station (Westfield, Weathercloud) 37ºC
  • Terry’s South (South Bank, Weathercloud) 33ºC
  • Paul YO30 (Clifton, Weathercloud) 38ºC
  • Lowfield Green (Met Office WOW) 34.7ºC
  • Osbaldwick Observation Station (Met Office WOW) 37.4ºC

And according to York Weather Station – which is used by the Met Office – it dropped no lower than 18.4ºC – at 4am – last night:

North Yorkshire

  • Topcliffe (Met Office) 35ºC
  • Leeming (Met Office) 33ºC
  • Selby Central (Weathercloud) 36ºC
  • Green Hammerton (Weathercloud) 35ºC
  • Helmsley Weather Station (Weathercloud) 37ºC
  • Scarborough (Weathercloud) 35ºC