Listen: Former York Tory leader says ‘utterly disgraced’ Johnson should quit as PM immediately

Chris Steward

David Dunning at YorkMix Radio has been talking to Chris Steward, a former Conservative leader of City of York Council. He didn’t hold back – here are a few highlights:

Thank goodness he’s finally gone. My only hope now would be that he does go straight away, and we have an interim leader, rather than he drags it out until the autumn he leaves the office, utterly disgraced, utterly embarrassed and humiliated.

We’ve had good prime ministers and bad prime ministers, but he has been absolutely unfit for office. And it’s a great shame that he has been in power, allowed to stay in power – and now the Conservative Party has to start rebuilding.

And Chris doesn’t rate Mr Johnson’s fabled election-winning ability:

Boris Johnson’s election winning capabilities are massively over egged. He won two elections as London mayor when I do agree that he had a big impact and made that possible.

Apart from that he won the 2019 election when he was up against Jeremy Corbyn, people had to deal with Brexit one way or another. That was what that election was about. I think any Conservative would have won that election, maybe not with the same number of seats.

I do not believe that Boris Johnson is a proven election winner. We have of course been told over recent months that he is a proven election winner as he’s lost by-election after by-election with swings that we’ve never ever seen in history.

Listen to the full interview here: