Bootham School: ‘This group of young people should feel very proud indeed’

Congratulations to Bootham School students

GCSE results at Bootham School are being celebrated today with the same joy as A Levels were just two days ago.

Headteacher at Bootham, Chris Jeffrey, said, “This bright, committed and lovely group of young people should feel very proud indeed of everything that they are celebrating today.

They have all worked really hard and shown great resilience to demonstrate their best standard, despite the extraordinary disruption to their learning over the past seventeen months.

Anyone who has done that, whatever grades they have received today, deserves the most enormous congratulations and has earned our immense admiration.”

He added, “Teachers, too, who have worked with such selflessness and sustained commitment -too often almost to the point of exhaustion- to master a completely new way of ‘doing school’ and then of assessing standards, deserve our equal admiration, and our most heartfelt thanks”.

31 of the 73 Bootham students achieved at least 9 grades at 7 or above, 25 of them achieving at least 10 passes at that level.

7 of those students achieved the very highest grade in at least 10 subjects. All students achieved at least 5 grades 9-4, with 69% of grades at 9-7 and 85% at 9-6.