Another rise in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in York

Photograph: NPS Public Health

The official Covid-19 figures have been updated for Wednesday (25 March) and they show another rise.

All these statistics come with the usual warning that very few people have been tested.

In York, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases has risen from 11 to 14.

And in North Yorkshire the figure has gone up from 30 to 45.

Here are some of the key figures:

  • Total UK cases: 9,529
  • Daily confirmed UK cases: 1,542
  • Total UK deaths: 422
  • Confirmed cases in York: 14
  • Confirmed cases in North Yorkshire: 45
  • Confirmed cases in East Yorkshire: 19

The figures come on the day the first death from coronavirus in the York NHS Trust was confirmed.

Meanwhile, City of York Council has launched a £1m emergency fund for businesses hit by the outbreak.